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Il revient !

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L'Equipe Dybex

Tōshō Daimos, le retour d'une légende !

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Concours !

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Fullmetal soundtracks !

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Demon Slayer, en coffret collector exclusif !

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Crusher Joe - le coffret collector limité !

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Neo Fantasia Arion

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Memories of MEMORIES

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L'Equipe Dybex
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Who are we?

Born in 1996 from the desire to promote and make available to the European public Japanese animation series, at the time still unknown and reserved for insiders, DYBEX (formerly DYNAMIC VISIONS) quickly became one of the leaders in the field of Japanese animation publishing.

Several axioms inform DYBEX's editorial policy:

  • provide quality programmes
  • share an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese animation world
  • ensure translation, adaptation and dubbing consistent with the proposed programs, without infantilisation
  • offer a wide choice of genres, from the most popular to the most advanced

Over time, as Japanese animation became more and more popular around the world, DYBEX developed a catalogue of incomparable quality, complete and varied, combining several genres (adventure, comedy, science fiction,...) and several formats (TV series, TV movies, films,...).

Each programme has been carefully chosen for its objective characteristics such as the quality of the script, the fluidity of the animation and its success in the Japanese archipelago.

With titles such as Serial Experiments Lain or Cowboy Bebop, DYBEX has established itself directly on the market and has proven the richness and diversity of Japanese animation. Since then, DYBEX's catalogue has been enriched with the best animated series and films from Japan.

In addition to optical media publishing, DYBEX also provides its programmes to television channels and thus allows the popularization of Japanese animation. Canal +, Game One, Betv, DirectStar and more recently Netflix or Amazon Prime are just a few examples of the networks that DYBEX can use to find the program that will appeal to their viewers.

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The youngest of our partners: a young producer of non-standard by-products. Few products for the moment, but which ones!

The haven of the great classics

If like us, you are nostalgic for the golden years of manga, here is an essential address! You will find there, in luxurious editions, many characters (some of them even published by us in the past!).

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Would you prefer to buy your products with others, on Amazon? No problem! No problem! A Dybex shop is present for you on the marketplace, with specific offers.

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Last born of the creators of figurines, and already a reference for the quality of its creations and the choice of its licenses. You will find, if they are not already sold out, many series figurines published by Dybex!

Find your favorite animations in legal streaming!

Dybex regularly collaborates with Wakanim, in order to offer you legal streaming. Find our titles and many others directly on the platform website!

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News, rumours, scoops: Jikan's team is always well informed about the little world of Japanime. To keep you informed, there's nothing like a quick look on their Facebook page!

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